To ensure that your student receives the maximum benefit from each class, regular attendance is encouraged. If your student must miss class for any reason, please call 292-1861 prior to their scheduled class time to notify the instructor. Students who miss more than two (2) classes consecutively without notifying our office may be replaced in order to maintain a proper class size. Should a student miss a ballet technique class, that class must be made up in order for that student to participate in competition. Please see your respective instructor for all make-up dates and times. A missed class due to student illness can be made up but not credited to the individual account.

Dress Code

All Dance Designs students must follow the dress code (including shoes) assigned for each class:

  • Recreational Ballet/Jazz Technique: Black Leotard and tan or pink tights. NO BAGGY SHORTS! Split sole ballet shoes and black slip-on jazz shoes required. Hair pulled back and secured in a ponytail for all classes.
  • Recreational Tap/Jazz: Black slip on jazz shoes/black lace up tap shoes. Leotard/Sports bra/
    Fitted tank top & tights (any color) dance or yoga pants, any suitable dance attire.
  • Hip Hop: Tank top/sports bra and shorts or yoga/jazz pants with tennis shoes.
  • Kinder Dance: Ballet/tap shoes (black patented leather) or teacher specified. Leotard and tights (color optional) Boys will need fitted t-shirt and shorts with appropriate shoes
  • Competitive Ballet/Jazz: Black leotard and pink tights.

Dance Rooms

All students, parents, and staff members are asked to be respectful of all dance areas. No food, soda, or gum permitted in the dance rooms. Only water or gatorade or other sports drinks allowed.

All children must remain in the waiting area with their parent(s). No horse play in the studio Respect for all instructors and their students is of the utmost importance in and out of class


Costume fees vary depending on the discretion of each individual teacher and their desires for each class. We do, try to keep these costs minimal. Costumes will be ordered when all music and routines are established for each class. The costumes will be worn for each competition and the “year-end recital” (optional). Costume prices do not include tights, shoes, or accessories. Shoes can be modified to achieve the desired color and texture based on the discretion of the individual teacher. All costume fees are due at the tune the order is placed, sometime during the month of November. This fee may also be deducted from your debit/credit card or by check, unless other arrangements are made for payment.


Costumes may range from $55 to $100 depending on the costume and accessories. 4 regional competitions and one National Competition.

Snow or Ice Days

If in doubt as to whether or not classes will be held, call the studio 292-1861 and a message will be left on the answering machine about any cancellations. The days we are closed do not always coincide with the Oldham County schools, as weather tends to worsen as evening time approaches. We do not deduct from tuition due to weather; however, all students are welcome to make-up classes that are missed in another class. Please schedule these times accordingly.


If you or your child has a problem or concern, we will be more than happy to talk with you and work toward an amicable solution. Your instructor and management will schedule a conference time that is suitable to everyone’s needs.


Visitors and parents are not allowed in the dance room during class. Instructors will occasionally invite parents in to view routines.